Training is normally done in a DOJO (lit. the place to study the way): a humble place of natural and quiet dignity, always kept clean. An atmosphere of courtesy and respect, which is essential to cultivate the appropriate spirit.

The term training is not very accurate in describing the combination of practicing, learning, training, searching and even questioning, which characterizes the process in our school. In Japanese, this is better described by the word KEIKO, which refers to the teaching of the old masters. Their skills have been passed from generation to generation.

In Europe we don’t always have the possibility to train in a true dojo (i.e. a place totally devoted to study budo). In fact we often have to train in places that are shared with others. Although, in theory, such a place should be called KEIKOJO, since it has not the classical features of a dojo and it is not a devoted place, we do try to create the right atmosphere, so that we can call it “our dojo”.


During training in the Dojo, much attention is given to proper clothing. In Hontai Yoshin-Ryu, the Keikogi (uniform used for training) consists of a white jacket (called Uwagi) and a black "hakama". Above the Uwagi, a belt (Obi) is tied.