Hontai Yōshin Ryū (本體楊心流) is a traditional school founded in the 17th century by Takagi Oriemon Shigetoshi (高木折右衛 門重俊). Yōshin means "willow hart". The metaphor of the willow was incorporated in the school’s name by its founder, Takagi Oriemon Shigetoshi.


Takagi Oriemon, whose father was a master sword teacher of the Shiraishi domain, studied different arts (including Kodachi and Sojutsu) before creating his own system. He later decided to improve his art by undertaking a journey throughout the country. There are numerous stories about heroic encounters that took place in different places of Japan. His art became known as Yoshin Ryu “The willow hart school” of Takagi.

The 2nd  headmaster mastered Take(no)uchi Ryū (jūjutsu) and the 4th headmaster was originally a master of Tendo-ryū (naginatajutsu) and the founder of Kukishin-ryū (bōjutsu). These influences were then incorporated in the school. The current headmaster is Inoue Kyoichi Munenori, 19th generation Sōke.

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